Bekijk het standpunt van 3M over recent nieuws met betrekking tot regelgeving en beheer van fluorchemie.

3M is Taking Action on PFAS

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (also known as PFAS) is a broad term that contains several categories and classes of durable substances with properties that include oil, water, temperature, chemical and fire resistance, as well as electrical insulating properties. These characteristics have made PFAS critical to the manufacture of modern products such as cell phones, tablets, and semi-conductors.

Over the years, there have been questions about PFAS. We’ve worked to share our perspective on PFAS with our customers, regulators, the public and others. 

Know that 3M is committed to proactively managing PFAS with a commitment to environmental stewardship. Put simply: We are taking action. 3M is not waiting.

  1. 3M is committed to sustainability in our environment and community wellbeing. We work to continuously improve our operations, reduce our environmental footprint and take action to strengthen our communities. We often use our scientific expertise in PFAS to make these very actions possible. 
  2. 3M welcomes the opportunity to collaboratively engage on PFAS. We are taking action: we have voluntarily committed to appropriate PFAS remediation at locations where 3M produced or disposed of PFAS. We have and will continue to invest in technologies to suitably address these materials in our operations.
  3. 3M has and continues to support federal PFAS regulations that are rooted in the best available science. We welcome opportunities to work with the Administration, leaders in Congress, Minnesota state officials and others to identify a collaborative path forward.
  4. 3M supports science-based dialogue to find a path forward on PFAS. Modern PFAS are used by a broad range of customers and industries worldwide to make innovative products, including personal protective equipment, life-saving medical devices, and low-emission vehicles possible. We welcome the opportunity to engage with others who share our commitment to environmental stewardship.

We continue to proactively manage PFAS with commitment to environmental stewardship, education and research, and engaging technology to strengthen communities. Our people will continue to do our part to partner with local residents, elected officials, regulators, experts and scientists to be a good neighbor.

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3M verwelkomt de mogelijkheid tot samenwerking met externe belanghebbenden die onze doestelling delen mbt het verder ontwikkelen van de wetenschap van fluorchemie.